Oli Robson is a Cumbrian based tree surgeon turned woodworker who utilises locally sourced sustainable  wood and other resources to create beautiful and practical designs as well as breathtaking works of art.  

Enamoured by the natural unique beauty of each individual piece of wood, and the awe inspiring landscapes of the Eden Valley and the Lake District, Oli's work actively seeks to rediscover the dying art of traditionally crafted furniture and push the boundaries of design. 

Over the years, Oli has trained with world experts, including traditional green woodworker Paul Girling (Kendal) and the internationally renowned, award winning Marc Fish (Newhaven).   These experiences have enabled Oli to find a point of balance, fusing traditional and modern techniques to create contemporary but beautifully unique designs permeated in the rich, local abundance of Cumbria. 

If you have any questions or comments for Oli, please do not hesitate to contact him via the Contact Us page.